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4 Ways to Use Social Media Backlinks

Do you need higher levels of website traffic? Before plugging in your google search for a SEO agency Dubai, consider another option: backlinking. With SEO-intensive strategies, you do everything you must to pull in your target audience but with backlinks, they come to you.


Social media backlinks are an incredibly smart mode to reach your audience and give them a straight path to your web profile. Backlinking grows organic web traffic and lead conversions.

Here are four highly effective ways to profit off social media backlinks:

While organically enhancing your social media presence, your web traffic will be proportional to your expanding follower rates.


Social Media Marketing

Strategic social media marketing aids you in expanding follower counts, especially if you insert backlinks in different posts or forums. However, it’s essential to do so once you’ve established yourself as an authority.

To do this, you must consistently track your engagement levels and evaluate your branding. Otherwise, it won’t work.

For instance, with Twitter, you have better chances of increasing web traffic if you’re getting increased likes and shares on your posts. Increased likes and shares means that more people are engaging with your content, and might click on any links you have embedded.


Influencer Marketing


Social media is an excellent tool to build a following and generate organic traffic. However, you don’t have to build large followings yourself. Just use an influencer who is active on popular sites like YouTube, Instagram, or Tiktok.

Marketers often collaborate with influencers to promote their websites or products. The influencer’s audiences will then interact with the influencer’s posts, generating organic increases in web traffic for you.

For example, YouTubers can include your product’s link in their video description.



Social Profiles


Social media marketing helps you gain a wider follower count but the first thing you can do to create traffic is enhance your social profiles using backlinks.

Any of your bios or personal pages should include your web links for customers to access. This includes your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram bios.

You can even pin a set of relevant links on your Facebook page so that people can access them easily and your traffic can rise steadily.


Social Media Bookmarking


Ever seen someone insert a link on a Quora or Reddit forum? That’s called social media bookmarking. It can be one effective way to pull your audience in but if you start spamming the sites, then it won’t work as well. That’s a black hat SEO linking practice.

Spamming in social media bookmarking will actually make you rank low on Google. So if you are going to go down this route, you really need to think it through and do it sparsely.


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Social media backlinks can bring organic traffic but they can be a lot of work. Don’t worry, Conversions is a social media marketing company in Dubai that can do the heavy lifting for you. Contact us today and let’s get those leads.

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