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Top Digital Trends of 2022

Every year, a new digital trend is pivoting the direction of future digital marketing. We have witnessed many rises even during these pandemic years. First, we saw how TikTok became a sensation, and now it is ruling all other social media by offering its audience only content they are interested in. Now cryptocurrency and NFTs have been ruling the digital world and taking it to an entirely new world. It is like we live in a pre-metaverse, where everything is losing its physical substance and transforming into complete digitalization. 

In general, the digital world has become the real world for people in this era. So here we, at Conversions Digital Marketing Dubai, have broken down all the knockout digital marketing trends that you need to know. 

Seven Digital Marketing Trends of 2022

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 Online Personalization

Targeting a broad audience is not the secret of business success in today’s world. Instead, targeting the right audience brings fruitful results. Along with making content, you have to make sure the content you create targets your suitable market and, most importantly, at the right time to gain the required engagement in such a saturated world.

Short Videos

Many companies rise because of their short-timed videos that put the message in just a few seconds and help in engaging the customers. For instance, consider Instagram, which has introduced reels or YouTube, which has brought more advancements in its video features. These fast-paced features include straightforward, crisp content and are suitable for people who want to know more in less time. 

Story Telling

Stories have always been the backbone of each marketing strategy. Only through a story you can create a connection between your brand and the rest of the world. The people want to know how you started and how it is benefitting the lives of others. Brands do not have to sound like companies but are like humans. 

The Audience is the Real Asset

Rather than focusing on the selling, you must consider engaging and linking with your audience. You can only make long-term conversions if they feel the connection with your brand’s story.

Content Creation

If you want to stand out in the oversaturated digital world, you have to create sensitive content and pay attention to shared interests, demographics, and what’s in the news lately.  

Interactive Marketing

If a brand acts like a human and can communicate with its consumers, your marketing strategy will succeed because it can touch the pain points and provide a solution. Features like chat box and social media platforms are examples of brands having human-like conversations and interactions. 


Role of AI in Digital Marketing

In the past few years, artificial intelligence has been more advanced, and from managing the site monitoring tasks can predict what the customers want next. Moreover, it can efficiently analyze data, read humans’ behavior, and eventually suggest custom solutions for more personalized ideas for advertisement. 
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