Kangaroo kids nursery in Jumeirah is one of the academic institutes with the reputation of being well established and providing a cozy, homely, and cheerful environment to the kids making the preschoolers completely forget their homes learning fun activities and acquiring education in a conversational surrounding.
For 15+ and still counting years, the teachers of Kangaroo kids’ nursery Jumeirah with the progressing times have adapted child-focused techniques and approaches to bring out the individual and social attributes of the student in a vibrant manner providing incredible outputs.
The focus and objective of those child-focused approaches have been to generate the following incredible outputs:
• Success and well-being of our young learners
• Encourage them to ask questions and ponder over everything
• Produce innovators
• Give a powerful boost to young learners’ problem-solving skills
The reason, why the claim was made, is because,

  1. WELL-PLANNED AND ATTENTIVE SYLLABUS: “Kangaroo kids’ preschool provides the coziest, homey and conversational study environment to the young learners” is not just a claim but the attentively produced syllabus for the kids is well applied to generate various opportunities for kids to learn in a playful and fun environment
  2. CONSIDERATE KINDERGARTEN TEACHERS: the kindergarten teachers at Kangaroo kids’ nursery are qualified from Britain standards of teaching having the expansive knowledge of the methods to upgrade,
    • The learning habits of students
    • Methods of teaching
    • The academic environment
    • Substructure of the curriculum
  3. NO HISTORY OF ADOPTION OF REGULAR BORING TEACHING ROUTINES: the objective of Kangaroo nursery for kids is to bring out the consequential outputs preparing the child, not for coming yearly exam only but for further many exams of life, for that kindergarten teacher at this school adapt the teaching methods which makes the children excited whenever they hear about learning something new!
  4. SOME EXCITING ADDITIONS TO THE CURRICULUM: Kangaroo preschool offers,
    • Kindergarten children-friendly novices language classes in Arabic and French language
    • Health-enhancing physical education sessions of yoga
    • Sports period where children learn and enjoy football and swimming
  5. LOCKDOWN-FRIENDLY AND EXPERT VIRTUAL METHODS OF HANDLING AND TEACHING THE NURSERY STUDENTS: the Kangaroo kids’ nursery is based on the “Special Educational Needs” standards of the preschool; therefore, the teachers are capable of covering for all the preschoolers with their distinct level of need for academic attention at the time of covid-19. The pandemic brought a very tough time upon both kindergarten teachers and students, as without the proper homey preschool environment children were completely distracted let alone focus on learning, the authorities of the Kangaroo kids’ nursery immediately adapted and enforced the modern and applicable virtual methods of teaching to provide the children the delightful and appealing preschool environment without them having to visit the school premises.
    The qualified teachers at Kangaroo kids’ nursery in Jumeirah are experts in helping the children always enjoy the learning in the classroom environment and encourage them to explore all the outdoor opportunities and adventures on the 245,000+ sq ft widespread playground of Kangaroo kids’ nursery Jumeirah.